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In May this year I was incredibly honoured to shoot Nick & Kristina's secret Elopement in Grenta Green, (you can see their elopement blog HERE), it's was such a beautiful day and I loved being able to capture that special moment, for them to be able to share the photographs with all their family and friends when they let the secret out the following day!

Fast forward 6 months and Nick & Kristina asked me if I was available to come down to London to shoot their wedding blessing with all their family and friends... OF COURSE I SAID YES! And what an amazing day it was!

Like their first, gone were most of the usual traditions in their second celebration. These two definitely know how to put their stamp on a party!

They held their blessing at The Cinema Museum in Kennington, and had a light Hollywood theme to the whole day. They both arrived in a NYC yellow taxi cab that looked like it had been plucked out of a 1990's film! They shared popcorn wedding favours on all their guests seats for the blessing ceremony - a great little nod to the venue - as well as having a screening of Tom & Jerry in a small cinema downstairs! AND, to top it all off, I think we can all agree Kristina oozes classic Hollywood Glamour with her two stunning outfit choices - and her hair was to die for!

One of my favourite moments was definitely when Kristina's mum saw her for the first time in her wedding dress... it's just the cutest thing!! Keep an eye out for those photos below!!

To end the big celebration, they had a 5 piece brass band playing pop songs. I cannot tell you how amazingly fun this was - we went from the Titanic theme tune to Estelle's American Boy to Pharrell Williams' Happy! And to give us all a little bit more love for Kristina & Nick's planning... they did their first dance was to Shakira, Hips Don't Lie!

I loved every part of this day, and I think Nick & Kristina really do show us all that a wedding can be whatever, and however you like it!

I think that's enough from me, let's let the photographs tell the rest of the story!


How beautiful is The Cinema Museum?!?

I just want to highlight the uncertain future this building has... A little bit of background - The Cinema Museum used to be The Old Lambeth Workhouse where Charlie Chaplin spent most of his childhood - he and his mum worked there. Despite numerous attempts to buy the building over the years, the South London and Maudley NHS Trust agreed in writing that they would sell the building to the Museum for a fair and independent price, however now they are planning to sell it at high speed to the highest bidder, now saying that The Cinema Museum’s lease expires in March 2018, implying that they can be easily evicted.

During Nick & Kristina's blessing Nick highlighted this in his speech, as well as placing a donation box at the door during the wedding celebration for people to donate to the fund to save the Museum, as well as asking everyone to sign the online petition HERE. To anyone reading this, your signature could make a big difference, I've signed it... will you?



Where are we going next?

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