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I absolutely love my wedding albums but I held off a year before buying a sample album for myself. I'm not quite sure why I did this, but a couple of months ago I thought, 'I bang on so much about how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G my albums are but don't have one to SHOW my clients how amazing they are'. I mean, why just take my word for it?!

So the other month I decided to take the bull by the horns and order my new 'treasure box' and sample album. My treasure box, is basically a box of fabulous printing goodies - from different cover materials to choose between, to different page styles and so on... I'm officially in love with it! This is something I'll take with me on the post wedding album meeting, to go through all of my couples options with them, for them to feel and see first hand all of their choices. I've already taken it to my first one and my couple were absolutely wowed by all the options!

My new sample album will be used an awful lot more than just at my post wedding meetings, I'll be showing all of my couples BEFORE they get married, to see what they could have, and could choose. To see the quality and craftsmanship in person. To show them why I'm so in love with my albums and why I'm always gushing about them all the time.

My new sample album is here for you all to enjoy with me, and is an example of what you can get in the album package! Below is just a small sample of the pages - I've got to keep something as a surprise for when you see it in person!

For any of my photog friends this sample album is the Queensberry flushmount 10x10 panoramic album with heavy silver halide pages and a micro leather cover.



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