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If you've been following my posts, my packages and my photography, you'll know I talk about Queensberry Flushmount Albums a lot, but I wanted to dedicate a post to truly explain what one is!?

A Flushmount Album is an album that is creased at the spine. This means that it lays flat when opened and because it's creased and not cut at the spine I can design pages where the photograph is positioned across the centre, making it seamless, and perfect for bold and beautiful Imagery.

The album comes with a wide choice of cover options making it completely tailored to you as a couple, with 17 different Genuine Leather, 6 Micro Leather, 15 Faux Leather, 10 Buckram and 5 Silk cover material and colour options. You also have different options on how you want your cover designed, would you like it just plain? Embossed names? Photo front? Or a small square cover motif that includes your names and/or a small photograph? The choice is yours!

Now let's go to the inside, as soon as you open your album you'll come across a translucent personal title page with both your names on and the date of your wedding. This is a beautiful addition to a wedding album because it sets the introduction to the story, teasing you to go further.

Panorama Flushmount albums have raced away to become one of Queensberry's most popular album styles and it's really not hard to see why. If all of the above wasn't good enough for you, let me talk for a minute about the actual pages. Queensberry has spent a lot of time perfecting their page options - the quality and reliability of their products are both very important to them, which is why they offer traditional Silver Halide printing. Silver Halide is a traditional technology with over a century of history and refinement behind it. It offers high image quality, and is long-lasting. It's a little more durable than some of the Fine Art pages, helping you keep your album in pristine condition. You can choose between the medium or heavy pages, the albums hold up to 45 page spreads of the medium style or 30 of the heavy, (included in the album package 20 medium and 16 heavy, additional pages available).

I hope I've clarified a few questions you may have had about my albums, and any opportunity I can get to talk about them I definitely take! I'm absolutely in love with Albums from Queensberry... can you tell?!

Be bold, make a statement, choose a Panorama Flushmount.

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