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So you've attended a wedding that I've photographed or maybe you're one of my fabulous couples who booked me in the first place, and now the day is over, you've seen all the photographs and you've decided you want to get a few printed... but how do you go about doing it?

Well thanks to using Shootproof, my online gallery, it's incredibly easy to do it yourself! Here is an example from Alex and George's Gallery:

The front page of the gallery itself before any prints have been ordered- isn’t it pretty?

*You'll be able to get to this page from the email I sent you with the link included, as long as you gave me your email on the wedding day*

To enter the gallery just click the "Open Gallery" button, which will take you to this page below. Enter your own email address and the password provided to you in the email sent to you.

Once in you'll see the wedding is split into albums, this make it easy to find the photograph you're looking for, otherwise, you can just view the "all photos" album to see them all at once. Click into the album the photograph is in to start.

Once in the album you can see an entire list of all the photographs in an instant - I love this part! I do put my logo over all the photographs when viewing so that you can't screenshot or pull the photograph from the website to keep, however when ordering a print or a digital copy you will not have my watermark on it.

The next step is to click on the photograph you would like printed.

Now you're on a slideshow of the gallery, so you can see the photographs larger. Click "Buy Photo" in the top right hand corner when on the correct photograph you want to buy.

Your options will pop up like this below! You can choose between prints, canvases or metals, or if you just want the digital file to download yourself and keep, that's also an option! Click on whichever item you'd like to purchase.

For this example I've chosen a 9 x 6 inch photographic print. Through prints you'll get an option of the printing style you'd like, Gloss is as it says, a glossy photograph, and Lustre isn't glossy but again has a lustre like finish, (I always print in Lustre because I just love the finish of it, but there's no right or wrong!) Click whichever one you'd like to go with.

Some digital photographs don't always fit the size of the print you'd like, this is when you can "edit crop", edit the size of the photograph that will be printed. You can do this by clicking the "edit crop" button and it'll give you a box to drag and move about on the photograph. Once you are happy with it, just click "add to cart" to continue.

And you've added it to your cart! Well done! If you'd like to add more prints to your order choose "buy another item" and you can browse through the photographs some more, otherwise click the "view cart" button to go to the checkout.

Are you ready to order? Click "Checkout" and follow the payment and delivery details on the following screen to confirm your order.

I use Paypal as my gallery payment method, just because it's incredibly secure and safe for both my clients and myself.

Easy peasy!

I wholeheartedly believe in prints and I truly think a photograph really does come to life once printed. I'd love all of my couples to display their wedding photographs around their house for all family, friends, children and even grandchildren to see. Years and years from now you don't want to pull out this ancient thing called a 'USB stick' when showing them what your wedding was like!

Photographs stand the test of time!



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