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The Queensberry Album Package

So you have read the post on the USB PACKAGE, as well as the PRINT BOX PACKAGE... now it's time for the ultimate, Queensberry Album Package. Before I start, I have to admit something, I LOVE Queensberry Albums! Nothing even rivals these albums for me!

From the start of my photography career I knew I wanted the very best album manufactures available and I have never found an album company that can parallel Queensberry.

Queensberry Albums are based in New Zealand and are renowned across the world for being one of the very best, and it's not hard to see why when they purchase their fine silk bookbinding fabrics from Japan, and exceptional leather from France and Germany. They find the very best materials in every small corner of the world and turn them into this handcrafted thing of beauty out in New Zealand, for them to be then shipped over to the UK for you! I feel like these albums have travelled more than I have!

All of my Queensberry albums are created and tailored to each client individually. The overall package includes a 10"x10" Flushmount album, however if you want a larger album, or even additional smaller albums for your parents then I can easily do that for you. Usually, I leave organising the album until I meet you again after your wedding day, so that you can decide exactly which photographs you want placed in the album as well as what cover and page style you want.

I can guarantee though, if you choose to have a Queensberry Album designed by me, you will not be disappointed at all! It's definitely an investment into your future, and is an amazing piece of beauty to show family, friends and even children.

My album package includes everything in the USB Package as well.

You also have the option of choosing either of the two other packages now and upgrading to include an album at a later date, either just after your wedding, or a year or two down the line, there is no timescale!

Please give me a shout if you have any questions... and when I say shout I mean an email or call :D!



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