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Following on from my blog post 'The USB Package', we now come to THE PRINT BOX PACKAGE!

I wanted to give an option for all of the couples who want something a little more substantial to keep, something they can bring out again and again, yet don't want, or maybe their budget can't quite stretch to a wedding album straight away - The Print Box Collection is a lovely in-between stage on price and product!

The beautifully presented print box includes up to 20 mounted photographs of your choice, as well as a USB of photographs. Depending on the size of your wedding you can expect to see from 150-400+ high resolution photographs included on your memory stick. All of these photographs are hand picked by me and have been edited in my signature style. They don't have any of my company watermarks on them and you receive printing rights for these images too.

This print box is so versatile, you can use it like a modern version of a wedding album, or maybe frame the prints to put up around the house/give some prints to family and friends. However you use this showcase box, one thing I can tell you is it'll take your breath away as soon as you open it and see all of your beautiful photographs staring back at you!

Also included in this package as well as in the USB Package is, (please scan over this section if you have already read the USB blog post as it's exactly the same):

With any wedding day photography, you will receive a selection of black and white, as well as full colour photographs, that I think you will love, (because I love them myself!), and that tell the story of your day perfectly. I'll take photographs of as many of the little details as possible - you've spend hours/days/weeks/months trying to decide on table settings and seating plans, therefore I make sure I record these in beautiful photographs so that you can look back in 10 years time and remember every little detail like it was yesterday!

In all of my packages you will also receive a personalised website for you to view, share and order any prints through after your wedding day. This is always a hit with all of my couples, because it means they can share all of their images with family and friends across the world that might not have been able to make it to the wedding day, and it also means that all of your family and friends can order prints through this website themselves directly with me! So no more making lists of what your Grandma's friends wife wants printed - this takes so much hassle away from you both post wedding day!

All of my packages also include meeting before you wedding day to go through your plans - so that I am ready and waiting for the big events of the day - as well as meeting after your wedding day for me to present all of your photographs to you and go through further options you may want to take advantage of, including prints/wedding albums. On your USB you can easily get printed any of your photographs yourself, or you can come to me to get anything printed; I do always like to mention to all of my couples that I hand pick ALL of my suppliers carefully so that you get the best quality possible, so if you did come through me for printing/wall art you can expect a simple and easy ordering process with a top quality product at the end of it.

Back to being new text again - I hope the above information has been of some help as to why I include this in my packages and to if it's suitable for you.

I have to say I do have a soft spot for this package because I love love LOVE the feeling of holding a printed photograph in my hands, it seems to come alive more than just seeing it on a screen, which is why I always do Wedding Fairs and Open Days, so that you can all see the difference of touching, feeling and truly seeing a photograph in person instead of on your mobile/computer.

I think everyone falls in love a little more when photographs are printed!



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