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I just LOVE when I get a delivery from my favourite... Queensberry Albums! And I LOVE to share bits of the album with all of you!

George and Alex got married towards the end of last year with a beautiful church ceremony and reception at The Garden at Eden. This album is a beautiful keepsake for both Alex and George and their family.

What I was most excited about during the whole process was the fact that Alex's parents had decided to purchase a parent album - my first one! A parent album is what it says on the box, an album for either the parents or friends/family members. It's a slightly smaller version of the album, the exact cover material, the exact page types and the exact photographic layouts. The only difference with the parent album is it has a plain cover, and doesn't have the translucent first page on the inside. However, that being said you really don't miss it at all in the parent album, because the quality is just as stunning as the original!

Below you can see a few photographs of both albums, and a couple of pages inside.

For anyone interested in the details, George and Alex chose the Queensberry 10"x10" album with a micro leather cover, (colour: shadow). They decided upon a named cover motif with a unique purple backing, (to match the colour of Alex's bridesmaid dresses), and picked medium weight silver halide creased pages. Altogether their album consisted of 20 page spreads.

A little FYI to all my brides out there, all of George and Alex's choices in album would have been covered in the full priced Album Package. George and Alex did decide to add the album onto their original USB package after their wedding day.



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