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The dream day at the dream venue Middleton Lodge!

31 August 2022


Their Wedding Story

Becky & Stu’s wedding was always going to be a super special one for me – not just because I’ve known Becky since I got in the industry 7 years ago being a wedding coordinator at the very first wedding fayre I attended, but also because after 12 years together, Stu and Becky got the wedding of their DREAMS at the unbelievably stunning Middleton Lodge. Becky had had this venue basically picked out ever since she attended a wedding in the main house 7 years ago, once she saw they’d built ‘The Fig House’ with stunning Walled Gardens on Instagram the venue was a wedding non-negotiable for her and with good reason!!


Being a summers wedding and with the outstanding gardens, it would be every brides dream to get married outside – and it was Becky’s too – however the rain was on and off all morning but all forecasts looked like it was drying up. Set for an outdoor ceremony with guests taking their seats, as the registrars came to take their seats to start the ceremony, literally SECONDS before Becky was due to walk down the aisle, the heavens OPENED! As everyone rushed inside (however let’s give it to the guests – they sat there in the rain until told otherwise!) an impromptu ceremony inside with most guests stood throughout began. 


Don’t you just think though, it’s storis like these that make the day so funny and memorable in so many different ways!


The very unusual ceremony inside with 95% of guests stood up wasn’t the only thing to turn heads in the beginning… when it came to the ring portion of the ceremony, the best man who was on crutches had realised he’d left the rings in the toilet! As the wedding coordinator went running for them mid ceremony with everyone (stood) waiting, it was very quickly revealed that in reality the rings weren’t forgotten but instead they had a surprise ring bearer in their beautiful little dog Wispa who had travelled an hour to be there! Becky had pulled off with the help from best man Graham such a surprise on both Stu and all of her guests, and after getting to know these two there’s no way they could have got married without Wispa there!!


Luckily, in terms of surprises and unexpected event’s that was it for the day and everything else went off without a hitch! Straight after the ceremony the sun came out and they were able to have the reception on the patio outside like they’d planned and even piled outside after dinner again too to enjoy drinks around the firepits! 


Not much phases Becky & Stu (luckily after the whole ceremony debacle!!) so when I pulled them outside for some sunset shots and posed the question “will you climb a fence” Becky kicked off her Valentino heels and went barefooted over the fence and into the field! With Stu being a fireman too he was very able to pull both Becky and the dress over the fence into a fireman’s lift! 


Honestly, there’s so much more from their wedding yesterday that I could tell you all about, but instead I’m just so excited for you all to see their photographs!!! It was such an honour getting to be part of their big day and capture all their happy memories, and I’ll end it on wishing Becky and Stu the most amazing life together (and honeymoon in just over a week). Here’s to the new Mr & Mrs Forrester!!

Suppliers to love:

Venue: Middleton Lodge

Florist: Sprig and Thistle

Cakes: Bakery 27

Dress: Pretty White Dress

DJ & Host: Simon Vogt Weddings

Music: Rob from Tailored Entertainment

Grooms Apparel: Suit Culture

Makeup: Susan Pattinson Makeup

Hair: Hair Loft - Amy Jakeman

Bridesmaid Dresses: Eden Wedding Boutique

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