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Are you looking at getting into wedding photography but you don't know where to start? Setting up a business, branding, your NAME?!, building your website, the camera gear, as well as the technical shooting elements. My 1:1 mentoring scheme doesn't just cover the photography side of this business, but also the set up, marketing, and technology I use to keep me on track. This is a two day course that is tailored to you and your needs. Day one we'll sit down together and go through your business, marketing, camera/shooting advice, the use of natural light, technology I can't live without in business and basic editing (but I won't be divulging exactly how I edit but I can teach you basic Lightroom/Photoshop and give advice on how to find YOUR signature style). Day two, you will be invited to join me on a full REAL wedding day, shadowing me throughout the day with the ability to take photographs too. I'll talk you through my thought process and settings throughout the day and you'll come away with portfolio images from a real wedding day.

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My Story

7 years ago I fell into the wedding industry by chance, however my background in PR/Marketing helped propel me to being fully booked by year two onwards and am currently booking weddings 3-4 years in advance throughout the country. I truly believe my blind faith and confidence has pushed me to a level I never believed possible, working each season shooting for Belle Bridal Magazine and getting opportunities to shoot in other countries. If I have built this business from barely knowing how to use a camera, you certainly can and I'm here to help you make those positive steps forwards!

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Available from August 2022. Day 1 based near Carlisle with the day and teaching bespoke to your needs. Day 2 location dependent on the wedding venue. 1:1 Mentoring is limited to 3 students a year.

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