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+ Doug 


An outdoor woodland wedding on the hottest day of the year so far!

09 July 2022


Their Wedding Story

On Saturday I spent the most amazing day with the lovely Susie & Doug for their incredibly sunny wedding at Blaithwaite House.


Little did I know that on Friday, as a guest at a friend’s wedding that I’d be sat on the same table as Ben, Doug’s brother!!! Walking into Doug & Susie’s wedding a day later, the whole family were the nicest and funniest people, checking the photographer wasn’t too tired or hungover and I started the day laughing continuously with all the family! 


We certainly started as we meant to go on, with smiles not faltering once from not just Susie & Doug but ALL their family and friends! With cigars in hand and drinks flowing, their reception was certainly one of every couples’ dreams: relaxing in the sunshine with all their loved ones. I’ll back up a bit though, it’s not often I talk about couples ceremonies (because let’s face it, they’re the boring part usually!) However not in Susie & Doug’s case! Susie’s brother led the ceremony, telling lots of wonderful little stories about the two of them, from meeting at University (with Doug leaving the library to go to a party that Susie was at) to their MANY travels around the world. It’s very clear to see that spending 24/7 together travelling to countless countries just made them even stronger, and as both Susie’s brother and a few of the speeches highlighted, if you can spend 24/7 together for that long travelling, you’re pretty set for an amazing life together!


The ceremony also featured a handfasting and a Whiskey blending, where Doug’s mum and Susie’s dad poured a Scottish and English Whiskey into a cut for both Susie & Doug to drink out of. To many it sounds like it wasn’t that surprising that Susie & Doug opted for Whiskey blending in the ceremony since Doug is an avid whiskey drinker/fan, something he shares in common with Susie’s dad who has a cellar dedicated to it! It definitely sounds like Doug fit into the family seamlessly!


They ended the night with ice-creams from a local ice-cream van that just happened to be driving by, a glorious sunset, and a Ceilidh to which the barn was PACKED with bodies being flung around and guests having the most amazing time!


Susie & Doug have already shared so many experiences together, but on Saturdau they got one of their most memorable, their wedding day at the utterly beautiful Blaithwaite House and what a day they had!! ⁠

For now I’ll leave you to look through their preview, and I'd love to wish the new Mr & Mrs Quayle the happiest of lives together!!⁠

Suppliers to love:

Venue: Blaithwaite House

Catering: Bespoke Catering

Dress: Wed 2 Be

Hair: Claire's Hair Lounge

Makeup: Leonie Canniffe Makeup

Flowers & Cake: Both from a friend of the couple

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