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Lake side beauty at the Daffodil Hotel in Grasmerel

12 March 2022


Their Wedding Story

Rachel & Chris FINALLY tied the knot on the 12th March 2022 at The Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere after years of planning and Covid getting in the way!

These two deserve the WORLD! Out of all my couples whose weddings were affected by Covid I felt for Rachel & Chris the most. They were due to get married the Saturday that we locked down - their wedding got cancelled literally 18 HOURS prior to their ceremony.⁠ I don’t think anyone could have predicted what was in store for us all at that point, but two years later, with their little 8-month-old daughter Megan, they got everything they ever wanted and more!

Barely anything changed in those 2 years with their wedding plans – the venue stayed the same, the dress did too, and so did their honeymoon plans (Rachel & Chris are jetting off to Vegas soon on the most fun honeymoon I can imagine – yep, this is coming from me who just got back from there the other week!) It’s unheard of a Covid-postponed wedding to near enough stay exactly the same, but it just goes to show they planned the day perfectly from the very start!

I started the morning with the girls at Rachel’s parents’ house. There was certainly plenty of fizz flowing, and when it came to the first looks, MY GOD, every single one of them had everyone in tears! (Definitely keep an eye out for those photographs!) Rachel & Chris got married at Our Lady’s and St. Joseph’s Church in Carlisle, a few minutes from Rachel’s parents’ house with one of Chris’ relations performing the ceremony. I mean how special is that, actually having a family member marrying the two of you!

By the time we arrived at the daffodil the sun was shining and everyone was in amazing spirits, however I wouldn’t have expected anything less from this lot! I’ve shot quite a few weddings now with many of the bridal party as guests and I certainly know they can party – the dancing even started 2 hours before the first dance even happened! Probably all those tequila-rose’s (as mentioned in the speeches!)

Rachel and Chris happily admit they aren’t the romantic type, from meeting at the Auctioneer to Chris proposing at home over an Indian takeaway, romantic or not it’s unbelievably easy to see that these two are meant to be together! So many of the girls were in floods of tears in the speeches and at the first dance, it’s been a long time coming for Rachel & Chris and everyone (including myself) were just so pleased to be there to witness it and celebrate with them.

I’d love to wish Rachel & Chris the most amazing marriage together (and with little Megan). They’re certainly starting it well in Las Vegas! To the new Mr & Mrs Jones!

Suppliers to love:

Venue: The Daffodil Hotel & Spa

Dress: Songbird Bridal altered by Bits & Bobbin's

Makeup: Make-Up by Tessa

Bridal Hair: Beth Smith

Bridesmaids Hair: Beth Norman

Flowers: Peaky Bloomers Creative Florist.

Videographer: Jesse Knibbs (sorry can't seem to tag)

Cake: The Bake District

DJ: Simon Vogt Wedding Host & DJ

Menswear: Goodfellows Menswear

Cars: Carol’s Bridal Cars

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