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It's great to be back sharing new shoots post lockdown and todays is definitely a beauty!!

Everything Rachael, Dan and I have planned together has never gone to plan the first time round, from their initial pre wedding shoot at the start of the year that we decided to call off because the weather was atrocious (so instead we had coffee at Sharrow Bay together ) then their wedding this summer has had to be postponed due to, well... you know!

So take two. My first couples shoot back after months off, we decided to take another stab at their pre wedding shoot overlooking Ullswater and it was certainly worth the wait!

It's been so lovely spending so much time with Rachael and Dan getting to know them more and I just love how these two met... when both of their friends asked them to join them speed dating and they were the last person they both talked to on the night!! I love an old-school way of meeting and hopefully events like these will start again soon for everyone to get back out having fun and meeting new people.

From a 1 year engagement now turned into a 2 year one, either way I'm absolutely positive their wedding next August at Askham Hall is going to be well worth the wait.

Here's to a second try! (Or even a third for some of my couples!)


Where are we going next?

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