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Pre wedding shoots are one of my ultimate favourite things to do. I get to know my couples a whole lot more and end up becoming friends with them after the short few hours of the shoot together... however with Naomi & Colin this isn't quite the case, because I was actually already friends with the wonderful Naomi!

I met Naomi around 3ish years ago through work, we had a few meetings together regularly and ended up gossiping more about our lives then what we were suppose to be talking about! I always looked forward to our meetings together to be able to catch up and find out whats been going on in her life. I've heard all about how her and Colin met before they even got engaged, all about them buying the first house together as a team, and when she told me she's got engaged I was over the moon for her!

By the time they were engaged though, me and Naomi had been out for lots of girls dinners, trying out Carlisle's local food and wine... plenty of wine, and were good friends.

So when I turned up the their pre wedding shoot I was already a step ahead! Even thought I'd never actually met Colin before, I'd heard so much about him and Naomi together, it was already like I knew him so well!

I loved shooting their pre wedding shoot, capturing who they both are as a couple and just generally having a good chat! This was nowhere near like work for me, more like a bit of fun! I'm so unbelievably excited for their Autumnal wedding later this year at Springkell. I can't believe I get to capture the best day of their lives and be part of their wedding in such a big way.

So less about my love for these two, and let's actually get to the photographs... you're going to adore these - I know I do!

So here they are, the fabulous Naomi & Colin overlooking the beautiful Derwent Water in the Lake District.



Where are we going next?

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