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I'm so excited to show you all Alex & Stu's pre wedding shoot!

On one unusually sunny April afternoon I met up with Alex and Stu for their pre wedding shoot. They decided that they'd like to have their shoot around Cummersdale, an area they always go walking with their sweet little dog Brando. Since I hadn't been round this area before, I had a little scout around the day before, and I loved an area down by the river - it had it all in my eyes, however to other people... it could have just looked DEAD!

I love Alex & Stu for really trusting me, I'm sure they hadn't imagined that their every-day dog walk could look so magical!

These two might have been a little nervous to start with, however you can't tell at all - they're definitely pro's in front of the camera! However, and I'm sure they won't mind me saying this; Brando definitely won the 'top model' award! I'm sure you'll see what I mean when you have a little scroll down!!! At every opportunity possible he strategically placed himself between the two of them, I think he just LOVES the camera!

I can't wait to capture all of Alex & Stu's special moments on their wedding day in a couple of months - not long to go!

They're going to look absolutely beautiful!!



Where are we going next?

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