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Last November I persuaded two of my friends to let me take a couple of photographs of them in Central London... mainly because I wanted a photograph with the CLASSIC St Paul's Cathedral in the background. In my head, I wanted that epic architectural/portrait photograph and WOW did I get it! But what I found really great about doing a couples shoot in the capital, was how much more I had to think about everything.

Usually I do my shoots at sunrise/sunset - 1. for the prettiest light and 2. when I pick sunrise it's so that there's not as much public passers to block out of shots - however due to casually hanging out with friends, and it being around an hour commute into central, I didn't want to force them to get up super early for something I WANTED. So I threw caution to the wind and started shooting at just past midday.

'WHAT ARE YOU THINKING' I hear you cry, that's what I always say NOT to do... but we kind of fancied brunching out and having a mimosa first! I know, that's super valid reasoning for breaking my own rules!

The thing about shooting at midday is, I have to work an awful lot harder to find pretty soft light, and the second thing is, in London it's an awful lot busier around midday than it would be at sunrise, so I had to think an awful lot more in regards to finding locations without tourists and blocking people out using different compositions.

Now that's enough photographer lighting and composing talk!

Back onto the good stuff... I'm so pleased with how these photographs came out, but then again I did have a super pretty and photogenic couple to photograph - even though I got warned about Fryer's 'Chandler' face, (you know, from Friends the face Chandler pulls every time a camera is pointed in his direction!) I actually didn't see it once!

Anyway, I'll let the photographs do the rest of the talking...

After a couple of hours we decided enough was enough, the sun was starting to set and we should really congratulate ourselves on all our hard work (HA)... so we decided to pop into Fortnum & Mason's Fortnum Lodge in Somerset House and treat ourselves to a hot chocolate with a shot of something warming to pop in it... I went for the caramel vodka - delicious!



Where are we going next?

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