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Happy Christmas/Boxing day!! Before you ask... no I'm not working on Boxing Day, I'm typing this a touch in advance so that I can completely veg out like the rest of you today. But, I still wanted this months Tuesday Tips blog to go out on time, and feeling a little cold while writing this I've added a lot of Summer photographs into this blog to keep my feeling warm!

So anyway... let's get started on this months Tuesday Tips!

'I love your documentary style of photography, but do you still do family formal photographs too?'

This is a question I get so often, and one that I always answer with a YES!

We all have a mother, grandmother, auntie/uncle who adores the traditional family formal photographs, because when else do all the family get to come together for one big day?! I try not to put too much emphasis on this via my website because; 1. everyone knows what a group line up looks like, and 2. unless you know the people in the photograph they tend to be a little... boring - ahhhh I said it!

BUT these are still must have photos for your wedding day!

So... let's get onto my game plan for family formals!

A month before every wedding I send out a little form full of questions to help the day run more smoothly, and one of those - one which is the most important to answer - is what is your must have shot list? This is a question that NEEDS answered, if you don't fill this in and forget to tell me on the day, you're less likely to come away with the family formal photographs you wanted.

REMEMBER - I'm not a mind reader, and I don't know your family dynamic. If you love love LOVE your great auntie, add her to the shot list!

I've found by working this way BEFORE the wedding day, it makes the entire day so much smoother and keeps everything relaxed. I have a list on me of what you want, and I can work from that so easily and fairly fast too! I do always like to point out that I do like to limit the amount of family formals I do. Remember the bigger the list the less candid shots you'll get, I'll be busy working through the list and missing all the laughter inside where all the action is happening, therefor missing the possible photographs you've booked me for - I would hate for that to happen!

I hope this post has helped you think through your possible family formals, I love to be completely open with my couples. To give them all the possible information so that you can decide what's best for your own wedding day.

Here is a sample family formal list to help you start preparing what shots, (if any), you need and want.

  • B&G with Bride’s Immediate Family

  • B&G with Grooms’ Immediate Family

  • B&G with Bride’s Parents

  • B&G with Grooms’ Parents

  • Bride with her Parents

  • Groom with Parents

  • B&G with both sets of Parents

  • B&G with Grandparents



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