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It All Began When They Said “No”.

At the age of 21 fresh out of university, working in London was my only dream. Three years studying Fashion Communication, working London Fashion Week, interning for a PR firm and working on the side in Fenwick in Newcastle, I had all the makings (or what I assumed was all the makings) to get my dream job, even getting to the final interview to become a buyer at Harrods!


But turns out, that isn’t always the case! 


The issue with getting rejected numerous times is you become less picky. You leave your dream at the door and end up focusing on getting ANY job.


And that’s when it hit me. Why am I leaving my destiny down to someone else?!


Instead of battling for any-old job, I moved back to the Lake District and started to revaluate what exactly I WANTED to do. 


While working in marketing self employed for a client base I'd built up in the local area and dabbling in photography, one of my clients asked me for a favour… would I photograph his second wedding? He didn’t want the typical photographer, instead a friend that would keep the day relaxed and fun.


And that’s when I had my lightbulb moment, at the age of 24, jumping in feet first never looking back.

Since then I've been lucky enough to be featured on some of the best wedding blogs worldwide, shoot for Belle Bridal Magazine both in the UK and abroad, and work throughout the UK as well as shoot destination weddings in many different countries.

I won't lie, I feel pretty honoured to call this my career!

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By The Numbers...


"It's hard to put into a few words how incredible Camilla is! From the very first meeting we had with her, we felt like we had known her for years - she is so enthusiastic and clearly loves what she does, she has endless amounts of energy and is super professional."
-  Jenny &  Chris

Where are we going next?

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Within 72 hours I always provide a selection of photographs for all my couples - who needs those pesky iPhone photographs to be the first ones to hit social media?!

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